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Dublin Bus Workers Strike 6

26 September 2016

AS Dublin Bus workers strike for the sixth day in three weeks today, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes says Taoiseach Enda Kelly would rather run Dublin Bus into the ground than allow bus workers a fair days pay.

"By the end of play today, Dublin Bus Company will have lost 6million euros in revenue. The bus workers want this strike settled fairly and let's face it, Dublin Bus Company bosses want to settle this dispute because, as Chief Exec Ray Coyne has said, it is" totally unnecessary" that the company is now in the red."

"The unions have been calling for fresh negotiations for the last three weeks. Our calls have fallen on deaf ears. And it looks clear now that Enda Kelly would rather let Dublin Bus Company go to the wall than allow its workers to have their first pay deal in eight years.

" This is looking like government interference to suppress public sector pay. They're worried if Dublin's bus workers break through the austerity measure pay barriers of the last decade, other public workers will follow. This is bad economics and bad politics. Ireland's workers are sick of being broke and Ireland's economy would do better if wages wents up and drove demand-led growth.

"It's time to end austerity economics in Ireland. Dublin Bus workers wage justice campaign is at the forefront of that campaign and deserve our solidarity against a government who do not want to pay fairly."

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