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Dublin Bus Cost Reduction Plan

5 November 2012

The TSSA along with the other unions held exploratory talks with the company under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) on Monday 5 November 2012. This meeting was an opportunity to agree how future talks would be conducted and to set a timetable for meetings.

At this meeting it was agreed that a number of items that made up the cost reduction plan should be dealt with at CIE Group level.

Listed below are the items that will be dealt with on a Dublin Bus basis:

· Rest Day and overtime rates of pay

· Public holiday rates of pay

· Income continuance scheme

· Self-Certified illness

· Part time staff

· Revenue protection

· Pay pause

· Rates of pay new entrants

Please note that this issue are for discussion and nothing has yet been agreed. TSSA reps will consult with members throughout this process so that we can accurately represent your views on these issues.

Further meetings have been scheduled for the following dates: 12 &19 November 2012. Reps from the various TSSA covered grades will be taking part in these meetings.

TSSA will update the membership on any new developments on this issue going forward.

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