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TSSA Threatens More Dublin Bus Strikes

8 September 2016

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, tells Taoiseach to get moral with the Irish economy or face more strikes.

"The Apple scandal and the bus strike show Enda Kenny has failed on the first principle of government which is, of course, is to protect it's citizens.


"The only protection his government are giving at the moment is to Apple's corporate tax-avoidance scheme when bus workers serving the public haven't had a single pay rise in the last 8 years. and are quite rightly furious that Kenny's helping Apple avoid €13billion in taxes.

"I've been standing shoulder to shoulder with our members on picket lines on O'Connell Street today. Members were out in full force, the strike is 100pc solid and support for our action is strong amongst passengers. And no wonder. Our members and passengers are quite rightly furious that Kenny is helping Apple avoid €13billion in taxes and not settle the bus dispute.

"Like bus workers, passengers are having a tough time making ends meet because their real wages have gone down over the last decade.

It's high time the Irish government get moral about the economy or they will face yet more strikes.

"Because let's face it, helping Apple avoid due taxes whilst refusing to pay public sector bus workers a fair due is about as immoral as an economy gets."

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