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TSSA supports striking Dunnes Stores workers

30 March 2015

TSSA fully supports the strike next Thursday, 2nd April by workers in Dunnes Stores. We call on TSSA members to support the campaign for decent work by Dunnes Stores workers.


Dunnes Stores senior management have refused to engage with the union and with the state’s industrial relations bodies, including the Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court, to deal with the issues and grievances that workers in Dunnes have raised.

The Labour Court issued a recommendation in November of last year stating that the company should honour their obligations and meet the union in order to deal with these issues of concern. The Company rejected that recommendation.

Dunnes Stores workers want a number of issues addressed including:

· The implementation of banded hour contracts which would give workers security of hours and earnings.

· Fair pay for all workers in Dunnes Stores.

· A review of Dunnes’ excessive use of temporary contracts of employment.

· Individual and collective representational rights for Dunnes workers.

TSSA members can help by:

· Do not shop in Dunnes Stores on Thursday 2nd April and encourage others to do the same

· Visit the picket lines and show your solidarity for Dunnes workers

· Phone/text your messages of support and solidarity into radio shows

· Join the online

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