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Dyslexia and neurodiversity initiative

1 November 2011

Find out more about TSSA's dyslexia awareness initiative

Lost for Words

TSSA HAS BEEN running a dyslexia awareness initiative for over a year. We are talking openly about what dyslexia is and how it can impact on our working lives. We want to highlight the issues and equip reps, learning reps and members to tackle the potential barriers that people with dyslexia may encounter in the workplace. Talking to a rep or learning rep is the first step for many individuals. It can help people realise that they are not alone.

We will be equipping ULRs (Union Learning Reps) and reps with the skills to support and negotiate for dyslexic members. This might involve offering members advice and signposting on the process of dyslexia screening, disclosure and assessment, as well as negotiating reasonable adjustments to their work. Our trained dyslexia champions can help dyslexic members level the playing field and achieve their full potential at work.

The TSSA’s initiative is currently focusing on dyslexia, but dyslexia is closely related to a number of other differences in how people process information. Around 50% of people with dyslexia may also have a related syndrome such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or an autistic spectrum disorder. These are all equality and diversity issues. There are many sources of support available, with the Equality Act offering good protection for individuals with dyslexia.

The Dyslexia Learning Organiser is currently in discussion with several train operating companies about their participation in dyslexia awareness training and other events such as screening and advice surgeries. A timetable of events will be published soon – please see the dyslexia area of the website for details.

If you would like any advice or support please contact TSSA’s Dyslexia Learning Organiser, Susannah Gill, on 07590 22 42 68 or

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