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8 November 2012

The "Education Station" initiative at Newcastle Central Station is a highly successful partnership between TSSA Union Learning Rep (ULR) & driver manager Bob Howes, together with partner ASLEF & RMT ULRs, and East Coast Trains.

So far the Education Station’s “Collective Learning Fund” has built funds running into several thousands of pounds and used to provide courses that the ULRs have identified the employee’s want at Newcastle. Since last year over 70 employees have completed their Maths & or English assessments and started refreshing these important skills. Alongside this various other courses are running from computers, sign language to Spanish & French and several taster events have also been run including using a Train Driver simulator.

If you would like further information on this or are interested in getting involved with learning at your workplace, including becoming a ULR and getting trained up in helping yourself and your colleagues access similar opportunities, please contact David Nicholson TSSA Learning Organiser North by email at or via 07595 780552

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