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East Midlands Trains: 2012 pay

22 March 2012

East Midlands Trains has this year chosen yet again, to have separate negotiations for the Stations, Retail, Clerical and On-Train function, and the Engineering function, and subsequent to the talks, has made an offer in writing regarding arrangements and payments for staff in connection with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These pay negotiations have taken place against the following background:

  • a 2011 pay increase of 3% for the Stations, Retail, Clerical and On-Train function when the inflation figure (against which pay offers for April are usually benchmarked) was the February 2011 Retail Prices Index figure which stood at 5.1% - this was therefore a significant cut in real terms;
  • the February 2012 Retail Prices Index figure which stands at 3.7%;
  • an offer has been made to the Drivers of an increase in pay of 4.78% (which has been rejected!);
  • EMT is to pocket massive savings (up to £2 million by the franchise end) through a reduction in YOUR pension benefits (pensions are deferred pay!);
  • Virgin (49% owned by Stagecoach) has offered its stations, retail and clerical staff an increase in salaries of 4.6% or £950 (whichever is the greater), AND £500 for all staff covered by collective bargaining in recognition of the special circumstances relating to the Olympic /Paralympic Games (there are no strings or conditions attached to this payment);
  • EMT was the best performing long haul rail franchise, the “Right Time” being 77% against a target of target of 80%, and customer satisfaction being at 87% against a target 90%;
  • the view expressed by Stagecoach Chief Executive, Sir Brian Souter that he expects East Midlands Trains to return to profit in the next financial year, 2012/13.

The best that EMT has offered so far has been:

  • the greater of either a 3.4% increase in pay or £700 (another real terms pay cut!) for the Stations, Retail, Clerical and On-Train function
  • the greater of either a 3.3% increase in pay or £700 (a real terms pay cut!) for the Engineering function;
  • £25 per shift for those staff working extended or additional shifts ‘outside of normal terms and conditions’ due to the Olympic / Paralympic Games, and the few staff qualifying for this being subject to a whole raft of other conditions in order to qualify for payment; This offer is only for the Stns. Retail, Clerical and and On-Train staff.
  • an additional day off or lieu day for the Jubilee Bank Holiday on 5 June.

For the Stations, Retail, Clerical and On-Train function the company has made no less than four offers, describing them as ‘final’ offers. They haven’t even had the courtesy of negotiating on two of them, which include references to the Olympics / Paralympics.

The reps believe all the ‘offers’ are unacceptable, the company has been advised of this, and further negotiations are being sought.

For further clarification regarding these pay negotiations, please contact your TSSA Representatives:

  • Stations, Retail & Clerical: Kevin Williams, John Gilchrist or Jon Wheeler;
  • Engineering: Kevin Querishi

STOP PRESS; The next TSSA branch meeting will take place at the “Fellows, Moreton and Clayton” public house 54 Canal st, Nottingham NG1 7EH starting at 11:30am please come along if you can. Full Time Officer Tony Barrable will be attending.

TSSA is only as strong as its membership – make sure your colleagues are union members! If they are not, they can now join on-line at:


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