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East Midlands Trains: 2012 Pay Increase for Displaced Staff

8 November 2012

Members will be aware that the Company had for the first time taken the step of preventing those staff who were previously displaced from receiving this yearÂ’s pay increase. This is despite the fact that they have always applied pay increases in previous years.

After some discussion with the company, they have now agreed to apply the pay rise to displaced staff, and committed to applying any agreed future pay rises to this group of staff also. This is the good news. However, the company has also qualified this by stating that they don’t want this to set a precedent for any future displacements or re-organisations! If left unchallenged, this position would leave all future displaced staff vulnerable in respect of future pay increases.

I have written to the company stating that we do not accept this position, and that we will defend our member’s interests if they decide to take this stance in the future. It is therefore imperative that we have a good membership base, in which not only challenge such decisions, but in order to defend our members interests in future dealings with the company.

TSSA November Branch meeting

An EMT branch meeting is arranged for 29th November 2012 starting at 11:30hrs at the Fellow, Morton & Clayton public house, Nottingham. This is just 2min walk from Nottingham Station. Full Time Organiser Anthony Barrable will be attending.

Please come along if you can, this is your branch, make it work for YOU!

We will however only ever have an effective bargaining base if we have full union membership. If you know of anyone who is not a member they can now join on line at

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