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East Midlands Trains - Customer Experience & Commercial 2019 Pay Award

20 June 2019

After several negotiation meetings between your union and the Company, we have now received a full and final offer in respect of your 2019 pay award.

The offer is:
• A 1-year “no-strings” deal from 1st April 2019- 31st March 2020
• 3.06% increase to basic salaries and all allowances
• The pensionable pay cap of 3.55% will apply to this award
• Separate negotiations on the introduction of “New Technology”
For a 1st April pay anniversary date, we historically use the February RPI (Rate of Inflation) figure as a minimum benchmark for pay rises, this year that figure was 2.5%.
This is a full and final offer from the Company and the best that we believe can be achieved via negotiations. Therefore, your reps will be accepting this award on your behalf. If we were to reject this offer, then the only option would be to potentially ballot you for industrial action, something we do not believe is on your best interests given the pay award is above the rate of inflation and there is to be a change of employer in the very near future.

The increase will not be applied until all of the recognised trade unions formally accept the pay offer.


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