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East Midlands Trains - Customer Experience & Commercial 2019 Pay Award Update

23 October 2019

After months of hearing nothing about the implementation of your 2019 pay award, EMR have decided to re-convene the 2019 pay talks, despite having previously made a "full and final offer".

Your staff reps accepted the pay offer of a 3.06% increase back in June this year after the Company stated this was their full and final offer as they were in the last stages of the franchise.

RMT did not accept the offer, which is why the pay increase was never applied. Both recognised trade unions must accept a deal before it can be implemented.

At a meeting today, EMR confirmed the pay offer is still 3.06% increase to basic salaries and all associated allowances which will be backdated to 1st April 2019. However, they have now added a guaranteed minimum payment for the lower paid staff of £700.

The full and final offer now is: 3.06% or £700, whichever is the greatest.

EMR are confident that if this offer is accepted by both trade unions your salary uplift and back pay will be made in December and payment of allowances uplift will be made in January 2020.

Other elements of the offer are:

1. A commitment to work collaboratively with employee representatives to identify where a business case exists to resolve differences in the terms and conditions of employment of grades inherited from its predecessors, Central Trains and Midland Mainline. This work will be undertaken through the respective Functional Councils.
2. Separate negotiations on the introduction of Smartcard Technology.
3. The pensionable pay cap of 3.55% will apply to this award
4. EMR will ensure that the employees of its suppliers will be paid the Living Wage, with deficiencies addressed through the contract’s renewal process.

I must stress this improved offer has been made by EMR as they are in a totally different financial position to that of EMT and obviously not in the last stages of a franchise. TSSA asked for a minimum payment originally, but this was not forthcoming by EMT, so it is welcomed that EMR have done this.

TSSA has, in principal, accepted this improved offer for our members, but it will ONLY be implemented once both trade unions have accepted.

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