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East Midlands Trains - News Update

24 May 2018

Pay - After initial pay negotiations failed to deliver an acceptable offer (2.2%) a further meeting has now taken place and the Company has revised it's offer to 3.6%, which was February's RPI (Retail Price Index), this is a key marker used for pay anniversary dates of 1st April. The offer is a one-year "no-strings" deal. We have asked for a minimum payment to be made to the lower paid staff, we are waiting for a response to this. Due to the timing of the pay anniversary date and the franchise agreement with the DFT, it is the DFT who sanction pay increases this year, so it is them who now need to sanction a minimum payment.

We have been assured by East Midlands Trains that all staff will be offered the same 3.6% increase and no further negotiations will take place with any other grade group. As you will no doubt be aware, we have had these promises before, and they have been broken. Therefore, once we receive the offer in writing together with a minimum payment for our lower paid members, we shall accept the offer in principal but not formally. We shall only do this once all other grades do the same. We shall also make it crystal clear that if any other grade receives a higher increase, our members deserve the same.

Control – There is currently a re-organisation of Operations Control. Consultation is taking place with TSSA for those grades covered by collective bargaining. There are no redundancies, but there are proposed changes to roles and duties. Melissa Heywood, TSSA’s H&S rep has agreed to be co-opted as the staff rep onto this consultation. Melissa will be seeking your views on the proposed changes to your roles and rosters to then feed back to management at the next meeting on 5th June 2018.

If you are one of our Manager members affected by this re-organisation, please contact TSSA for help and advice as we do not have collective bargaining for Managers. The Company are proposing to merge some management roles as part of this re-org. TSSA believes that this may create Equal pay issues, as Managers salaries are formed by “bandings”. Equal pay claims can occur when you can identify an employee of the opposite sex (comparator) to you who does the same job/role/duties as you do but they receive a higher salary. If you believe you may have an equal pay claim you need to contact TSSA for more information.

Over/Under Payments – TSSA’s Organising Director, Steve Coe, is now leading on this issue and meetings with the Company are arranged to take place in June to seek a resolution to this issue. Steve has a wealth of experience and knowledge on this issue as he used to be an employee of Midland Mainline.


If you know of a colleague who is not a member of TSSA, encourage them to join. The stronger we are the more influence we have at the negotiating table. You can join TSSA on-line here.

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