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East Midlands Trains: Stations & Retail Pay 2017 Full and final Offer

20 September 2017

A long overdue pay meeting was held yesterday, whereby East Midlands Trains did eventually make a full and final pay offer. TSSA submitted a pay claim on your behalf back in February this year in readiness for pay negotiations for a 1st April review date. Several meetings have taken place in the last six months but each one ended in disappointment and frustration as each time the pay offer was below the rate of inflation.

The meeting held earlier this week started with Management making yet another derisory offer of just a further 0.05% on top of the 2.8% they had previously offered, which we had already rejected. This whole process has taken a ridiculous amount of time, and within the 6-months since your anniversary date, the company has benefited from the interest they have made from holding onto to your pay increase.

We told the Company that we do not believe they have a solid reason as to why they cannot offer you an inflationary pay rise (3.2% as of February RPI), and if they do, they would be treating you as second-class citizens as other grade groups have received better pay increases.

After a lengthy adjournment, the Company came back with an improved pay offer. However, with the improved offer they were also wanting an agreement that would give them your flexibility in times of re-signalling, timetabling, and major stations and infrastructure projects. TSSA straightaway rejected this. There was no way we would have agreed to this as it would mean you would not get any additional payments for your flexibility in the future. The Company listened and took on board what we said, and I am pleased to report that TSSA has now secured the following pay deal for our members:

  • 3.2% increase to basic salaries and allowances back-dated to 1st April 2017
  • A commitment to be part of a joint working party to introduce Customer Experience Apprenticeships.
  • A commitment to be part of a joint working party to look at the creation of a Customer Experience Mentor grade
  • A commitment to work together to deliver on major projects.

We asked for a minimum payment to be made for lower paid staff, but the Company refused.

Your staff reps and I believe this offer is the best that can be achieved via negotiations and as it does deliver an increase which we set out for, your staff reps intend to accept this on your behalf, however if you disagree with this please contact me before next Friday 29th September 2017.

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