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ECROs Annual Leave Allowance - Referendum Result

21 April 2011

The referendum on the Annual Leave Allowance offer closed last Friday 14 April.

The result was:

- Yes, to accept the offer 98%
- No, to reject the offer 2%

We have therefore written to the company to accept the offer.
Network Rail have confirmed that the arrears back to 1 January 2007 will be paid on 13 May.

ALA payments for the rest of 2011

Unfortunately Network Rail informed us after our acceptance that they had in fact changed the offer in respect of the payments for the rest of 2011. They have outlined that instead of paying the allowance when you take your annual leave – as the legislation asks them to do – they want to pay it as a lump sum each 4 week pay period.

This is hugely frustrating as the negotiations were very detailed and the company did not raise that they would have problems complying with what had been agreed with your reps.

This should not affect your arrears payments.

Advice is being sought as to whether this does fully comply with their responsibilities. It is also not clear whether Network Rail are seeking further talks or intend to impose this method. There will be a further update when this is clarified.

If you have any feedback then please get in touch with your rep

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