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Education and Organising 2011 - Irish Programme

5 January 2011

In Northern Ireland reps have moulded the direction of TSSA education. Attending training and becoiming accredited trainers, reps have organised meetings of fellow reps identifying key areas and issues for education, then moving on to organise and deliver corresponding courses.

This successful model will continue to grow throughout 2011 with expansion expected across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

For the Republic of Ireland training resources will be dedicated to the social and economic conditions in which members find themselves. Training will be organised and delivered for each quarter responding to the conditions and delivering skills and knowledge in campaigning, project planning, capacity building and member activism.

For TSSA activists in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, 2011 will become a period of great activity. Training opportunities will provide a platform to develop a collective response, training that every activist should attend.

For more information contact the education officer and/or the Senior Irish Organiser/Irish Organisers based in Dublin.

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