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Elections open today for LULR Forum Vice Chair

4 August 2014

All ULRs and ULRs are invited to cast their vote for one of the candidates standing for Vice Chair of the Lead ULR Forum.


TSSA’s Lead ULR Forum is made up of the most senior ULRs in each company, or solo ULRs in companies, with a Learning Agreement across TSSA. It ensures those activists leading at the company level have a structure to support them both taking the democratic lead and in networking across employers.

The elections for the contested Vice Chair post are between Denis Bardwa from London Underground and Paul Messenger from Amey. Lead ULRs and ULRs have the opportunity to choose their preferred cadidate and get their vote in by 22 August.

The election statements are available here:

  Election statements LULR Forum Vice Chair August 2014

The posts of Chair and Secretary were not contested and,  respectively, John Bacon from First Capital Connect and Charlotte Thornton from South West Trains are carrying out those roles until August 2016. 


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