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Electrical Control Centralisation: NR Must Commit to Protect Jobs

27 September 2011

In August Network Rail revealed that they planned to centralise the 13 current Electrical Control Rooms to two. Today your reps from ECRs across the country met with Network Rail to discuss their plans in more detail.

Company share outline plan

The information your reps were provided with gave little detail on why the current plan was to move to only two Electrical Controls, and the reasoning behind the locations was also vague.

Some of the questions raised by your reps were:

  • Could all Electrical Control activities be safely and efficiently run from only two locations?
  • What financial savings are NR hoping to make?
  • Why are Manchester and Three Bridges the favoured locations?
  • How could NR manage with the potential loss of skills and vital route knowledge?

By the end of this meeting I had been made clear to Network Rail that the unions have grave concerns about the plans, not only for operational reasons, but most importantly because of the potential effect on our members.

Network Rail have committed to a further meeting where they will fully share the basis for their current plans to allow your reps to put forward alternatives.

No Compulsory Redundancies

Ultimately your reps made it clear that the first step would be a commitment to no compulsory redundancies. Your union has written to Network rail seeking this assurance. Should it not be forthcoming we will canvass your views on the next steps.

Please let your reps know your views on Network Rail’s plans!

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