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Union Calls for End to Great Train Robbery

14 August 2017

Ahead of tomorrow's announcement of the Retail Price Index figures which will set next year's rail fare rises, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes commented.

  "When the Tories passed legislation which allowed rail fare hikes year in year out, they made legal one of  the greatest train robberies in railway history. And now of course, the state owned railway companies of France, Germany, Holland and Italy who have gobbled up large swathes of our Network are allowed by Tory Transport minister Chris Grayling to laugh all the way to the bank at our expense. He is the very same man who said we needed Brexit to take back control but back in the day job, last week, he handed the keys of the West Midlands train services to the Dutch state and the Japanese'.


"Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask when he fleeced his passengers. Today train companies, with the government's blessing, hide behind the Retail Price Index to flush ever more money out of hard-pressed passengers to swell their own profit margins. I've yet to hear of the privatised company that says fares shouldn't go up because their services - as most regular commuters will tell you - have declined under privatisation.


"Jeremy Corbyn has promised to take back control of rail into British public ownership as franchises expire. His Labour government is the only way we can end this legalised, annual mugging of passengers by privatised rail companies."

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