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Ending Interrail Scheme 'Small Minded Nonsense'

7 August 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has branded as 'small minded' and 'nonsense' the decision to end the UK's membership of the Interrail scheme.

Since 1972 the Interrail pass has enabled European citizens to travel around numerous countries by train and ferry, while the older Eurail pass lets non-European citizens to do likewise.

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents UK train operators, has announced that from January 2020 rail journeys will no longer be covered by the passes.

Ticketholders will have to buy separate tickets to get around Britain, outside of Eurostar terminals.

Manuel Cortes said: “The RDG blames this on a dispute with the Eurail Group, but that’s nonsense. This has got small mindedness written all over it, along with the Government’s Brexit fingerprints.

“Either this shows the true Little Englander nature of the Tories, or how out of touch the rail companies are with the people. Or both. Either way it’s not good enough.

“This is a truly retrograde step limiting the ability of young people to explore the continent they live in and do so in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.

“Be in no doubt this decision will harm tourism outside of London and the wider economy. I’d urge the RDG and Transport Secretary, Grant Schapps, to think again and quickly sort this out.”

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