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England should follow Welsh lead on season ticket caps

29 November 2013

David Cameron should follow the Welsh government's lead and cap rail season ticket increases in January to 3.1%, the TSSA said today.

The Welsh move means season ticket holders could be paying 3% less than those in England for their travel after January 2.

Fare rises in England are then due to rise by an average of 4.1% with an overall cap of 6.1%.

"The Prime Minister always talks of helping hard working families and he should now prove it by following the lead of the Welsh government, " said union leader Manuel Cortes.

"He has increased fares by 20% since taking office, a crippling burden on working people when real wages have been falling for the past five years.

"He now has an opportunity in next week's Autumn Statement to do something practical about that sorry state of affairs."

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