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Enthusiastic TSSA member sought for Learning Organiser post in Dingwall

7 February 2011

Following the stepping down of the previous Learning Organiser because of other commitments, the opportunity has come up again for someone to take on the very rewarding role of part-time Learning Organiser with TSSA in Vertex as a secondment until April 2012.

The ideal applicant will be a good planner and organiser, capable of quickly picking up and applying new skills and also, and most importantly, will be committed to seeing the project through.

We are looking to employ someone to build on, and take forward, the work that was started so well by our previous Learning Organiser to:

- Explore how the personal and / or vocational development interests employees in Dingwall have could be best set up on site or in other accessible ways to suit the working patterns, travel & time issues etc of your colleagues
- Liaise with Aberdeen College, the Workers Education Association and other providers as well as Vertex management to promote & recruit for, and co-ordinate, these learning programmes
- Support your colleagues taking up this learning.

We are applying for continuing funding from the Scottish Government to allow a further year of this pilot at Dingwall and longer term we will look to work closely with other trade unions for a cross union approach across the whole of Vertex.

To do this we will be looking to appoint a TSSA member on a secondment from Vertex for equivalent of 2 ½ days a week at gross salary of £26,319 pro rata for the rest of the project. (Exact details of how these days will be worked each week to be agreed on appointment.) They will remain in their current post for any additional days of the week if they are normally employed by the company for more than 2 ½ days a week.

The Scottish Learning Organiser will be fully trained up & supported by TSSA & the Scottish TUC with:

- union learning representatives training
- regular meetings with TSSA’s Regional Organiser in Scotland
- regular contact & support from the wider TSSA Learning Team in the UK
- membership, and support from other members, of the TSSA reps team in Dingwall
- hands on support from the Scottish TUC’s own learning Development Worker based at Inverness
- lots of practical help & support from the employer.

TSSA does not expect to recruit someone who already knows much (if anything!) about lifelong learning and wants to ensure that we have good support systems set in place for the new Organiser but we are also clear that we need someone is enthusiastic, quick to pick up new skills, knows that they enjoy working on their own initiative and expects to be at Vertex at least until the end of March 2012.

The Learning Organiser will be expected to:

- Talk to all colleagues, including home workers not based at Dingwall, about learning and set up learning advice as well as information & support sessions from professional specialists
- Organise, co-ordinate, publicise, recruit for, monitor and evaluate learning programmes
- Deal with a variety of paperwork including written reports on activities carried out and expenditure – specific training & support will be given on the formats required for these
- Set up award ceremonies and other appropriate events.
- Develop and maintain relationships with Vertex, education providers, Scottish TUC, the Scottish TSSA Office, the TSSA Branch and other TSSA reps, and other learning stakeholders
- Develop on-going and sustainable learning initiatives in conjunction with the company, other unions and other appropriate stakeholders for beyond the life of the project
- Support negotiations with Vertex around signing a Learning Agreement

We look forward to TSSA continuing to play a leading role in the development of learning & skills opportunities for members and potential members in Vertex following the helpful start made by the previous post-holder.

For a chat about anything to do with the role of this Learning Organiser please contact Sal Morawetz, Senior Learning Organiser for TSSA on 07717366511.

If you work for Vertex, are a member of TSSA and are interested in being considered for this position, please send a letter to Sarah McConnell, TSSA HR Manager setting out why you are interested and what skills, knowledge, experience and aptitudes you will bring to the job at:TSSA, Walkden House, 10 Melton Street, London, NW1 2EJ or]

- This letter needs to be received by 25 February 2011.
- Successful applicants will then be invited to take part in a recruitment process at Dingwall on 24 March 2011
- And then be expected to attend the next Union Learning Reps course which may be in Inverness, Glasgow or York.

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