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EU Results Grim For Labour - Cortes

26 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described European Parliamentary results across the UK as "grim" for Labour, urging the party to "reflect" and adopt a policy on Europe "which chimes with our members and voters."

Manuel Cortes said: “It looks like we have had a grim set of results for our Party in these elections and I’m incredibly sorry that so many of our excellent candidates have not been able to win.

“I have knocked on many doors during the campaign and it's blindingly obvious that our clear as mud line on Brexit hurt us deeply.

“Now is the time for reflection rather than recrimination – but we must act decisively and act quickly to put in place a policy on Europe which chimes with our members and voters.

“Let us not forget that the overriding divide in our country is between the many and the few. Only a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government can cure this.”

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