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Eurostar and Brexit

14 November 2017

As the UK Government's Brexit shambles continues on, what is your Union doing to defend members at Eurostar? - a unique company employing a very special international workforce.

Brexit represents a very specific challenge to Eurostar as a rail operator and to the international companies that whose business travellers provide much of EIL’s revenue. The UK Government seems to have taken little account of the impact of hard Brexit on Eurostar’s operation and, most importantly, it’s staff.

Many of our members at Eurostar are EU nationals, many of you are British citizens. But wherever you were born, you bring a wealth of expertise and talent to serving international travellers.

As TSSA’s General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, says, “For us, the EU debate does not start with markets or customs arrangements centre-stage. Our focus is our people, their rights and those of their families, which includes retaining their ability to move across EU borders freely”.

Unlike many other Unions in the transport industry, TSSA was and is in favour of remaining in the EU. Why? Not because we are naïve to the unelected EU bureaucracy or believe that the EU doesn’t require reform. But because we believe that working people are stronger united than divided. Because the damage being done to the UK economy and our relations with the EU threatens jobs and prosperity for our members.

But, if continued EU membership cannot be achieved, then we must fight to ensure that any Brexit deal is based on retaining workers’ rights and the ability to move freely across EU borders.

TSSA has been at forefront of lobbying the Labour Party leadership to ensure that free movement and non-discrimination against migrant workers remains a core value within our movement.

Whether you are for or against Brexit, being part of a Union means standing up for each other in solidarity; not allowing the small differences between us get in the way of the many things that we hold in common. TSSA is fundamentally opposed to any discrimination whether that be based on nationality or gender, disability, sexual orientation or anything else for that matter.

Eurostar is a great example of what can be achieved when people come together with a common purpose. Whatever happens with Brexit, that is something worth holding onto.

 If you believe in building bridges (or tunnels), not walls, ask a colleague to join TSSA. They can join online in minutes - simply forward them the link to this page. Together we are stronger!

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