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Eurostar Company Council Update Sept 17

27 September 2017

Your TSSA Reps have met with EIL management at the quarterly Company Council meeting.

Ashford International Car Parking

Your reps have extensively discussed with management the problems currently being faced by our members who are using the carpark at AIT. It appears that Eurostar have been advised to treat the provision of car parking for non-Ashford based staff as a taxable benefit. There are a number of complexities to be considered but those of you affected will have found £775 appearing on your P11D.

Your reps are of the opinion that this is wrong, there should not be tax payable. The company however see it differently but have agreed to apply for an exception with HMRC.

We would advise you to write your own letter to the HMRC as well applying for a rebate under article 336 claim for overpayment of expenses. At least one member has done this and received confirmation from HMRC that a rebate will be paid.

TSSA has reported the HMRC position to Eurostar and we now expect a change in Company policy.

For further information, please contact Sonja Van Wingerden:

Kalidus / inntel etc Train Managers

At your request , the topic was raised by your Reps at the Company Council.
We have informed EIL we are not in agreement with it and that it needs to go back to local level to be properly discussed, explained , agreed and briefed.

Improvements to Ashford Contact Centre

Your Reps have been persistently complaining about the poor condition of parts of Kent House. We are pleased to report that EIL are now planning to refurbish the building and provide a reasonable workspace for staff working in the Contact Centre.


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