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Eurostar Company Pay Offer 2013 – Referendum of members

29 April 2013

Your Union has now concluded negotiations with Eurostar on behalf of our members in respect of the Company Pay Award for 2013. Now it is for our members to decide to accept or not?

The TSSA put forward a claim on behalf of our members that reflected our aspirations of setting a standard for Pay, Terms and Conditions in the Industry as well as (most importantly) the results from the survey we conducted at the beginning of the year.

The full offer is set out in the PDF Document below and your reps believe that we have achieved the best position we can through the negotiation and are recommending that our members accept this offer. The company have sought some concessions in terms of a more favourable award, which are the movement to monthly pay and a change in the sick pay year (to commence in 2014) as set out in the formal offer.

  Eurostar Pay offer 2013 Pay Offer Document


We consider that the increase in pay over the next year combined with the ex gratia one off payment of £375 equates to an above inflation (RPI of 3.3% for March 2013) pay increase over the year. The TSSA does not accept this approach as a precedent being set for future pay deals.

The table below indicates the equivalent % increase over the year with the incorporated percentage and one off payment combined dependent on salary;

£15,000 Salary

5.5% increase

£20,000 Salary

4.875% increase

£25,000 Salary

4.5% increase

£30,000 Salary

4.25% increase

£35,000 Salary

4.0714% increase

£40,000 Salary

3.9375% increase

£45,000 Salary

3.833% increase

£50,000 Salary

3.75% increase

£60,000 Salary

3.625% increase

Additionally we believe the increases to Home to Work Travel entitlement to be favourable for our members and we are also pleased that the company are showing some willingness to work with the TSSA on fair and equal pay systems in the near future.


We are aware that the issue of a change from four weekly to monthly pay could be a difficult transition for some, however we have already requested that the company offer some form of interest free loan to staff requiring this as a way to assist with the transition if this is accepted and goes ahead. The change from four weekly to monthly pay will not take place until at least early 2014 once the Oracle Payroll system is adjusted to allow this (most likely in March 2014). There will be further, more detailed discussion as to how the transition would be implemented at Company Council meetings.

In respect of the change of the calendar sick pay year to a rolling sick pay year will have a minimal impact on our members, and does not amount to a reduction in the level of sick pay but a change in how the entitlement is calculated, again this will not commence until 2014.

What’s next?

On the basis of the above we are asking you to read and digest the offer in full and to return the referendum paper sent to you in the post using the reply paid envelope on the reverse.

This must be received by us no later that no later than Monday 20th May 2013.

If this offer is accepted by TSSA and the other recognised unions then it is anticipated that the changes to pay and allowances will be implemented through payroll at the beginning of July, with payments backdated to the pay anniversary date of 1st May 2013. Changes to the payroll and sick pay rolling year will not take effect until 2014.

Building our union’s strength

The TSSA believes that this pay rise enhances the reason for becoming a trade union member. As a TSSA member you directly feed into the negotiations that we take forward on your behalf on important issues such as Pay and Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Please pass this information to your colleagues who are not in the union and encourage them join.

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