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Eurostar Company Pay Offer 2013 Referendum of Members Result

22 May 2013

Our referendum of TSSA members on the Company wide pay offer as previously advised has now closed. The result is that there was an overwhelming acceptance of the Pay Deal as follows:

 Accept     43

Reject       7

On the referendum paper we asked those rejecting the deal to indicate their reason for doing and some raised their concern over the move to Monthly Pay in 2014.

The TSSA will have an opportunity to discuss the framework for implementation of this change through Company Council and we will ensure that our member’s interests are paramount in those discussions.

We aim to ensure that the company make any necessary arrangements regarding the timing of the change and the ability to provide short term interest free loans in order to avoid anyone facing any financial difficulty during the change.

If you have any concerns or suggestions that you wish your union to raise then please do let us know, either by contacting us at or by raising the matter with your TSSA rep listed on the reverse.

On the basis of this result the TSSA will write to the Company to indicate our acceptance of their offer. Companywide agreement will be subject to the other Trade Unions acceptance also.

If agreed it is anticipated that the changes to pay and allowances will be implemented through payroll at the beginning of July, with payments backdated to the pay anniversary date of 1st May 2013. Changes to the payroll and sick pay rolling year will not take effect until 2014.

Equal Pay

TSSA have sought to work with the company on assessing the grading structure to scope out any pay inequality. They have given us assurances through this pay deal that we will jointly look at this once the new payroll system is live in early 2014.

TSSA have successfully worked with Network Rail on this issue over the last year and this is something we hope to mirror in Eurostar by a partnership approach of an open and transparent discussion on equality and pay going forward.

Building our union’s strength

We face significant challenges in the next year in Eurostar with the introduction of the new fleet and the various changes in working arrangements and reorganisations as a result. You can be assured that your TSSA reps will strive to protect your interests and terms and conditions of employment over this difficult period.

The TSSA believes that this pay rise enhances the reason for becoming a trade union member. As a TSSA member you directly feed into the negotiations that we take forward on your behalf on important issues such as Pay and Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Please pass a copy of this circular to your colleagues who are not in the union and encourage them join.

TSSA join online here

 Your TSSA Reps in Eurostar


Mahfoud Bettine

St Pancras Station

Local Staff (SPI Control and Times House Grades D-F)

Melhi Sen

St Pancras Station TM

Local Staff (Train Managers)

Mike Neall

Times House

Local Staff (Times House Grades D-F)

Natalie Hutton

Eurostar Contact Centre

Local Staff (ECC)

Jo White

Eurostar Contact Centre

Local Staff (ECC)

Wendy Cleave

Eurostar Contact Centre

Union Learning Rep (ECC)

Sonja Van Wingerden

St Pancras Station TM

Company Council Rep

Ian Hucks

Times House

Company Council Rep

Andrew Doherty

St Pancras Station

Health & Safety Local/Company Rep

Mike Brown

Eurostar Contact Centre

Health & Safety Local (ACC)

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