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Eurostar Companywide Pay 2015 – Final Company Offer & Recommendation for Acceptance

22 May 2015

Further to our last circular 107/15 we have made significant progress in negotiations with the company with regard to the TSSA pay claim. As a result we are now in a position to make a formal agreement for the 2015 pay award with the company.

Following an initial difficult start, we now have a final offer from the company which fulfils the majority of the TSSA's demands set out in our pay claim. 

Your Company Council Reps believe that we have now reached a point in the negotiations where we are ready to recommend a deal to our members and accept without the need for a full member’s referendum.

The full pay offer is attached here  Eurostar Pay Offer 2015 and the summary points are:

· A two year deal to increase salaries and allowances from the period 1 May 2015 up to 30 April 2017:

- Year 1 comprising of a 2% increase in pay and allowances

- Year 2 an increase of RPI + 0.5% or 2% whichever is the greater in pay and allowances

· Up to a maximum 19.5% increase in home to work travel contribution

· An agreement for operational grades for voluntary overtime payments at time and half (1.5) for extra hours worked to fulfil the required training which will need to be undertaken to ensure successful launch of e320

· Two ex gratia (non-pensionable and subject to tax and NI) “celebrating success” payments on the launch of the first e320 train, payable December 2015 and on full service of all new sets in April 2016. This will be paid to all employees in service on 1st May 2015 and still employed on the date of payment (pro-rated for part time staff, long term absence and family leave)

Your Reps view is that this offer represents a very good deal for our members, in particular;

1. An increase in pay, which not only protects our members from inflation (current RPI stands at 0.9%) will improve costs of living pressures and is in line with industry average increases

2. A substantial increase in home to work travel contribution

3. Recognition of all our member’s contribution to the company's success and ongoing growth with an ex gratia payment of delivery of e320 (removing the previous time and customer satisfaction measures that were proposed)

4. An agreement to ensure our operational members are fairly rewarded for overtime payments which will be necessary for training ahead of the delivery of e320 (for TSSA members this will be Train Managers, OBS Managers and Traction Inspectors)

The TSSA intend to respond to the company to accept this offer by Monday 8th June.

Please ensure that you read and understand the formal company offer and if you wish to feedback your views or have any questions before we respond to the company please do so via your Company Council Representatives or your TSSA Organiser on the below email links;

Sonja Van Wingerden, Company Council Rep (Train Managers)

Ian Hucks, Company Council Rep (Train Planning)

Nick Child, TSSA Organiser


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