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Eurostar Companywide Pay Final Company Offer 2014

24 April 2014

Your TSSA Reps have concluded negotiations with the company on this years pay award, and the company have proposed an improved final offer and a single year deal from the period 1 May 2014. We will shortly be writing to all TSSA members to undertake a referendum on whether to accept this offer or not.

Your reps have been arguing for a cost of living increase that protects the money in your pocket against inflation, as well as this we have sought recognition from the company by rewarding staff in terms of the contribution that you have made to the company's positive financial performance over the last few years.

The headline elements of the Pay Award offer for 2014 are below:

  • An increase in Salary of 2.5% reflecting the RPI inflation figure for March 2014
  • A one off non pensionable ex gratia payment of £375 in recognition of Company performance that is subject to Tax and NI. (pro-rated for Part Time staff, those on Long Term Sickness and Career Break).
  • An improvement to Home to Work Travel Contributions of around 3%
  • An staged improvement to the Dutch Language Premium for Train Managers and to include this as pensionable pay from July 2015 (see further details in the full offer)
  • A review of Rate for the Job structure for Eurodespatch Assistants
  • A review of all Company Family Friendly Policies

Whilst we are disappointed and would have hoped for a more significant improvement to Travel Contributions the company have made it clear that any improvemements in this area will have to be funded by a reduction in the general percentage increase in pay. We believe that this would not benefit our members as a whole.

The full outline of this offer is downloadable here:   Eurostar Final Pay Offer 2014

The company have made it clear that this is a final offer and your TSSA reps believe that this is the best that we can achieve through negotiation at this present time.

Therefore, all TSSA members will shortly receive a referendum paper in order to indicate whether you are will to accept this offer or not. You should receive this in the post in the early part of the week commencing 28th April and we would ask if you can return this to us using the pre paid fold up envelope to be recieved no later than 1700hrs on Thursday 8th May 2014.

This will enable TSSA to respond to the company if there is acceptance of this offer in time for the Payroll cut off date in order to receive the increase in pay in the 25th May pay.


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