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Eurostar Companywide Pay Negotiations Latest

3 April 2014

Your TSSA Reps met with the joint Company Council today to open up discussions on improvements to Pay and Conditions of Service for Eurostar staff. Here is a summary of the discussions so far:

We have received an offer which the company states reflects the current government economic data which relates to Consumer Price Index Measure (CPI) currently at 1.7%, whilst the Unions and the rest of the railway Industry will always negotiate the more realistic measure of the Retail Price Prices Index RPI which stands at 2.7%

The TSSA is not simply arguing for a cost of living increase that protects the money in your pocket against inflation, we are seeking a recognition from the company by rewarding staff in terms of the contribution that you have made to the company's positive financial performance over the last few years.

An example of the improved productivity of staff is apparent from the annually posted company accounts which shows a massive percentage improvement in the profit per employee measure which has seen an increase of around 65% percent in the last few years (based on a comparison of 2011 and 2012, the last publicly posted accounts) This is whilst total numbers of employees has continued to reduce in numbers.

The figures below (From the publicly available company accounts) speak for themselves:


2012 (the latest posted accounts)           


Difference          %

Total Profit (before Tax £m)








Profit Per Employee (£)




Latest Position

As a result of the negotations the company have come back with an initial offer of a One Year 2% increase to pay and allowances as well as an improvement to Home to Work Travel Conributions amounting to in increase in minimum cointribution level of 3.8%.

A summary of the full offer put to TSSA today is further below.

Your TSSA Reps and the Company Council have outrightly rejected this offer today and we recommence negotiations on 23rd April.

We will keep you posted on developments but in the meantime please feel free to give us your feedback on the current staus of negotiations via email here.

Please note this is not a formal referendum of acceptance as the TSSA Reps on your behalf have quite rightly rejected this offer on your behalf whilst we await a more sensible and fairer offer from the comnpany.

Please feel free to pass this information on to colleagues and stress with them the importance of joining TSSA in order to give us a strong collective voice in the workplace.

The full offer from the company:      


For basic pay, job related allowances, assistance to work allowance and the On Call Allowance, we propose an uplift of 2% (or £400 whichever is the greater) to take effect from 1st May 2014.

Home to Work Travel

We recognise that the cost of season tickets has risen since 2013 and that the average uplift has been 3%. We propose to increase the band of the first claimable amount from £1250 to £1300. This means that the home to work travel allowance will increase from £938 to £975 (+3.8%).

Eurodespatch Centre

We propose to move the Eurodespatch Assistants to a Rate for the Job Structure with two salary levels: Starting Salary and Rate for the Job. Through a sub group of Company Council, we will consult about the duties and skills required to achieve the full rate for the job and the salary points, these will take the current salaries as a basis for discussion.

TM Dutch Language Premium

We propose to convert this to a fully pensionable allowance for future service instead of the existing 30% pensionable amount today.

Family Friendly Policies

Whilst the family friendly policies at Eurostar have not been reviewed recently, we do believe that they are generous. They exceed the statutory minimum and represent best practice. However we also recognise that we should undertake a review of our family friendly policies and will do this by the end of 2014 and to share it with Company Council. The review does not give a commitment to amend the terms of our policies.

Work – Life Balance and Annual Leave

We recognise the aspiration to increase time away from the business and we believe that our annual leave policy, our 35 hours week agreement and options for compressed hours and rostered days off represents a comprehensive package which assists with work - life balance for our employees.

In considering the submissions we propose to change the existing ability to sell annual leave at a daily rate of £100 per day to an option to sell up to 5 days of “long service” leave for the higher of an employee’s daily rate or £100. This will increase the fairness of the existing system and be effective from 1st November 2014.

We also propose that employees are able to purchase up to 5 days of annual leave per annum at their normal daily rate. Annual Leave is prioritised over Purchased Leave and Heads of Department will authorise purchased leave to fit the needs of the business. An employee must have 52 weeks of service in order to purchase additional leave and additional leave is pro-rata for part time employees. Leave is purchased on a salary sacrifice basis and therefore an employee’s salary is reduced prior to the deduction of National Insurance and PAY.




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