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Eurostar - Election of Company Council Representatives and appeal for Union Learning Reps

19 November 2012

The TSSA continue to represent your interests at Eurostar at every level within the company. We are now seeking nominations for the forthcoming Company Council Elections and are seeking volunteers to come forward as Union Learning Reps (ULR's)

Following a review of the Employee Relations Agreement we have now successfully filled all local representative positions in areas where we have TSSA members (you can find a full list of your reps below)

As well as Local Reps our two Company Councils Representatives Sonja Van Wingerden and Ian Hucks continue to promote your interest through company wide negotiations and by supporting our members individually.

As part of the democracy of the union, we hold elections for Representatives at Company Council Level every three years. Therefore we are inviting TSSA members who may wish to stand for these positions to complete a nomination form. You will need to be a TSSA member, an employee of Eurostar with no less than 12 months service and be based in the UK.

Both our existing Company Council reps have expressed an interest in continuing their roles, therefore if we receive any nominations from other TSSA members we will need to hold an election to allow the membership to decide whom they wish to represent their interests going forward.

If you wish to stand please contact us via email at here for a nomination form which will need to be returned no later than Monday 3rd December 2012.

If no other nominations are received then both Ian and Sonja will automatically be re-elected as Company Council Representative for the next three years.

Union Learning Representatives

Your Union has been involved in formalising a Union Learning Agreement with Eurostar over the last year and we are working towards organising Learning activities, in partnership with the Company and other Unions that will benefit all Eurostar staff.

We are also seeking individuals who are members of TSSA to stand as Union Learning Representatives (ULR’s) to work with our existing rep, Wendy Cleave (based at ECC) and reps from other unions so that we can promote learning opportunities in the workplace within Times House and for other London based staff.

Specifically we are seeking individuals to come forward at the following locations to get involved as ULR’s:

TMI (Clerical and Management Grades)

SPI (Control, Train Managers and Grades D-F)

Times House    

If you would like more information please contact Wendy Cleave via email or Angela Khodeir, TSSA Learning Organiser via email or tel: 07715 494064

Alternatively Wendy Cleave, TSSA Union Learning Representative and Angela Khodeir, TSSA Learning Organiser will be available to discuss this on an individual basis in the Third Floor Chill Out Area at Times House from 12.00 until 13.30 on Tuesday 27th November 2012. Please come along and find out more about what we do.

TSSA Local and Company Reps list





Natalie Hutton


Local Staff (ECC)

Jo White


Local Staff (ECC)

Wendy Cleave


Union Learning Rep (ECC)

Sonja Van Wingerden

St Pancras Station (Train Managers)

Company Council Rep

Andrew Doherty

St Pancras Station

Health & Safety Company Rep

Mike Brown


Health & Safety Local (ACC)

Ian Hucks

Times House

Company Council Rep

Mahfoud Bettine

St Pancras Station

Local Staff (SPI Control and TH Grades D-F))

Melhi Sen

St Pancras Station

(Train Managers)

Local Staff (Train Managers)

Mike Neall

Times House

Local Staff (TH Grades D-F))

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