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Eurostar Equal Pay Audit Survey Grades A to F

8 July 2014

Your TSSA Reps made an agreement as part of the 2013 Pay Award to undertake a full review of pay equality for the company pay grades A to F. If you are within these Grades please complete our survey so we have as much information as possible to take this issue forward.

Since then the company have undertaken a review and have identified some equality pay issues however they have not shared any detailed information with the TSSA in order for us to do a joint analysis of the results.

Download the TSSA Eurostar Equal Pay Newsletter  Eurostar Equal Pay Newsletter

Before we meet with the company again this September, we are undertaking a survey to provide us with the relevant information to enable us to evaluate if our members are being paid equally based on gender and whether we need to challenge the company’s review that they undertook.

We are asking Members and non-members in Grades A-F to complete our survey by the end of August. To complete the anonymous survey please visit the link below:

Complete Our Survey

Equal Pay, Your rights and what you need to know.


The Equal Pay Act 1970 (now part of the Equality Act 2010) gives women (and men) a right to equal pay for equal work, and legal protection from victimisation for making a complaint (or giving evidence in another’s complaint) about equal pay.

This means that people should be paid the same regardless of their gender. You have a right not to be paid less than someone of the opposite sex doing:

1. the same work or similar work (legally known as 'like work')

2. different work that is of equal value to your employer (known as 'work of equal value')

 Your Union is there to support you but of course we will always work towards a negotiated solution before considering the legal route. If you have any questions, please contact your local rep or contact us here

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