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Eurostar TSSA Claim for Improvement to Pay and Conditions - 2014

9 January 2014

Now that the TSSA one year company-wide pay agreement comes to an end in May 2014, your Company Council Representatives will shortly be meeting with the company to discuss our aspirations and demands for Pay and Conditions of employment for the coming pay year.

Company Wide Pay Discussions 2014

To submit a pay claim reflective of our member’s views we are carrying out a survey prior to formally discussing the matter with management. The claim that your reps take forward belongs to all of the members and requires your input for it to be most effective.

So it is important that you let us know your views on this issue so they can be taken forward. You can be assured that your responses will be kept confidential and will only be used to gain a general consensus of what our members seek to achieve.

Please complete the survey online HERE

Please complete this survey no later than Monday 23rd February 2014.

TSSA Company Heath and Safety Rep Appointment

We are pleased to inform that Norman Shaw, ADCM based at St Pancras Control has been elected as TSSA Company Health and Safety Rep. He replaces Andrew Doherty who recently departed Eurostar after many years in this role.

Norman’s role will be to liaise with the Company Safety Committee to discuss all elements, of Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff in all areas of the company on behalf of our members.

TSSA Local and Company Reps list

As a reminder, if you need advice and assistance from TSSA your first port of call is your TSSA Representative. All your reps in Eurostar are listed below:


Mahfoud Bettine

St Pancras Station

Local Staff (SPI Control and Times House Grades D-F)

Norman Shaw

St Pancras Station

Company Health and Safety Representative

Melih Sen

St Pancras Station

Local Staff (Train Managers)

Mike Neall

Times House

Local Staff (Times House Grades D-F)

Natalie Hutton

Ashford Contact Centre (ACC)

Local Staff (ECC)

Jo White


Ashford Contact Centre (ACC)

Local Staff (ECC)

Wendy Cleave

Ashford Contact Centre

Union Learning Rep (ECC)

Sonja Van Wingerden

St Pancras Station TM

Company Council Rep

Ian Hucks

Times House

Company Council Rep

Mike Brown

Ashford Contact Centre

Health & Safety Local (ECC)


 TSSA Organising our future – Non-members can now join TSSA online:

If all our members were to encourage just one colleague to join, our strength as a union will be doubled and we would be even stronger in facing an ever-changing climate at work. Please feel free to pass a copy of this circular to non-TSSA colleagues and encourage them to join TSSA.


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