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Executive Committee Election for TSSA Treasurer

23 August 2011

Details of the nominations for the Executive Committee position of Treasurer.

Further to our circular (No.260 dated 8th July 2011), nominations have now closed for the elections for the Executive Committee position of Treasurer.

Please see overleaf the valid nominations that were received by the closing date of Friday 19th August 2011.

An Election will now take place and the necessary arrangements will be made with the Electoral Ballot Reform Services to act as the independent scrutineers for these elections. Each member entitled to vote in these elections will be sent a ballot paper and a pre-paid envelope, by no later than 2nd September 2011. Other particulars, where supplied by the candidates in accordance with the provisions of Rule 47(c) will be included with the ballot paper.

All queries concerning the administration of the election must be directed to ERBS – contact details will be made available with the ballot papers.

Please make these results known among your members.

Valid nominations

Name: Mick Carney
Branch: South Eastern Metro
Nominated By: Anglia No.1, Anglia No.2, Brighton, Belfast, East Midlands Technical, Lancs & Cumbria General, London Bus Operators, London SW & Middx, Network Rail North London, Network Rail West Midlands, Southern Inner, South Eastern Metro, TfL Central, Underground Infrastructure, Underground Operating Managers, Vertex Highland, Yorkshire North.

Name: Steph Owens
Branch: Merseyrail Electrics
Nominated By: Crewe & Cheshire General, London Met, Merseyrail Electrics, Network Rail Anglia North, Yorkshire No.1 TOC


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