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Executive Committee elections 2012

1 May 2012

Very year, TSSA members elect a new Executive Committee Representative for a third of TSSA’s Divisions. This year it is the turn of the Midlands, South Wales and West, Anglia and London North East and Lancashire and Cumbria Divisions.

Bill Monteith was elected unopposed for South Wales and West and John Prest was elected unopposed for Anglia and London North East.
Midlands and Lancashire and Cumbria elections are still on-going and the results of these will be published online and in the Journal as soon as possible.

All new the EC members will take up their posts on 1 July 2012 for a three year term of office which will conclude on 30 June 2015. They will then be eligible for re-election for a further three year term.

Bill MonteithBill Monteith - South Wales and Western
Bill has been an active member of TSSA since joining from ASLEF on promotion to a management position. A Railwayman for 35 years, he is a rep with First Great Western at Bristol. He is chairman of the National TOC Committee and a member of the TOC Film and Communications Group. A committed trade unionist he is a member of the Labour Party and for 16 years has been a councillor, twice being elected to serve as Mayor of his hometown, Bridgwater. Bill is married with three children.

Bill says ‘These are worrying times, not least for those within transport. Apart from the concerted assault on our wages, pensions, conditions and living standards we are confronted by initiatives such as McNulty, which will seriously impact our members. If elected I will do my utmost to protect our members and to represent them to the best of my ability. ’

John PrestJohn Prest, Anglia and London North East
John says ‘For over 20 years since I first started work, I have been an active trade unionist and have had the privilege of belonging to a number of trade unions during my varied careers. Since joining Network Rail in 2001 and becoming a TSSA Rep, I believe that the current climate we are in is unquestionably the most testing for those of us with traditional trade union values.

‘Our members face constant attacks on their livelihoods and their working conditions from government and ruthless employers who have forgotten that the people who work for them are their most prized assets. As an EC member and an active TSSA National Rep, I will embrace the challenges we all face and continue to ensure that those of us who serve our members ensure that their best interests always comes first.

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