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Executive Committee elections: Nominations now open

14 January 2014

EC members are sought for Ireland, London South East, London Transport & Liverpool North Wales & Cheshire

In accordance with Rule 49(i), elections are now due in the above electoral districts for an Executive Committee member. The successful candidates will take office from 1 July 2014 for a three-year term of office until 30 June 2017.

Executive Committee members, where necessary, are elected by individual vote of the members in the electoral district formed for that purpose which are the Divisional Council areas.   Nominations should be submitted on the appropriate nomination form attached to this circular. The form must be signed by both the Branch Chair and Correspondence Secretary and returned in the special envelope provided marked “EC ELECTION NOMINATIONS” to reach this office no later than midday on 28th FEBRUARY 2014.

Rule 49(b) provides that each Branch has the right to nominate one candidate for the Executive Committee.   The candidate must be either a member of the nominating Branch or some other Branch in the same electoral district, excluding those members defined in Rule 49(n) i.e. members whose subscriptions to the Association are twelve weeks or more in arrears, employees of the Association and overseas members, excepting members employed and resident in Ireland and the Channel Isles.

No member of the Association is eligible to become a candidate for election unless they have been a member of the Association for a minimum period of two years on the date of closure of receipt of nomination.   Retired members, Special Rate Retired members, Student members, Superannuated members & Honorary Life members are not eligible to be candidates. (see Rule 49(n) for full details).  

The candidate must submit to Head Office a letter indicating their acceptance of nomination plus an election statement of no more than 200 words and a brief biography & recent photograph.  These items must be submitted by the candidate to this office not later than the date upon which nominations close. i.e. midday on 28th February 2014. Rule 47(c) refers:

“(c) Each candidate may send to Head Office written biographical details and a personal statement of views not longer than 200 words. They must reach Head Office by not later than the close of nominations. It shall be the personal responsibility of each candidate to meet this deadline. The biographical particulars should shall contain nothing more than:
(i)    A list of TSSA positions (by title) held currently or in the past;
(ii) A list of current or past TSSA activities (conference or courses attended, committee or campaigning involvement not covered by (i) and similar activities and events);
(iii) The candidate’s location, and Length of membership.

In each case excluding material that ought properly to be included in the personal statement.   Except in the case of elections to the Irish Committee, both the personal statement and the biographical details provided by each candidate shall be published in the TSSA Journal.

Rule 49(a) provides, inter alia, that no member of the Executive Committee who had been a member thereof for a period of six or more years shall be eligible to be an elected member of the Executive Committee until a further period of three years has elapsed.

I would also draw particular attention to section 48(8) of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 which states: “No-one, other than the candidate, shall incur any civil or criminal liability in respect of any publication of a candidate’s election address or of any copy required to be made for the purposes of the section”.

Branches are reminded that the Executive Committee have agreed that candidates for election may have their forenames or other name by which they wish to be known printed on the ballot paper and in the Preliminary/Final Agenda and TSSA JOURNAL.   It will be the responsibility of the candidate to make clear to the Scrutineers how they wish to be known (i.e. J. Smith/John Smith/Joan Smith, etc).   Candidates must include this information within their individual letter of acceptance and Branches should ensure that the details are entered on the nomination form as requested by the candidate.

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