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Executive Committee report, August 2013

21 August 2013

This report contains a summary of the key issues and the decisions made.

Date of Executive Committee meeting: 8th August 2013
Number of EC members present: 14 (one for part of meeting), from possible total of:  15

Guest Speaker
David Higgins Chief Executive of Network Rail and Richard Doyle HR Director. Mr Higgins gave an impressive account of Network Rail’s safety record, performance and Control Period 5.

He then answered EC members’ questions on: The proposed reduction of 1,000 , maintenance jobs, the threat to safety in the face of changes to meet 20% efficiencies, the massive debt rising over CP5 to £50b, the contradictions posed by emerging alliances and the threat to break up Network Rail into private concessions. 

Overall it was a positive step in TSSA – Network Rail relations.

Strategic Partnerships – Transfer of engagements to Unite the union
Recent progress has slowed but it is expected that the situation will be clear at the September EC meeting.
TSSA Annual Conference items   
In response to item 72 on publicising a summary of the Executive Committee meetings this is the first such summary.  They will be circulated to EC members, branches and placed on the website soon after the EC meeting.
The EC will reply to Yorkshire North Branch on its decision not to act on item 79/80 relating to the TSSA website

Trades Union Congress   
Two amendments were agreed to TUC motions on fair pay (noting the shift in national income from wages to profits) and Fire and rescue services (condemning the cuts being forced by the Mayor of London).

An emergency motion on UKIP and racism will also be submitted.

TSSA will nominate leaders from the following unions of under 30,000 members to the TUC General Council: TSSA, Nautilus, Accord, FDA, Nationwide Staff Group, Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association and ASLEF

The successful Action for Rail – Future for Britain’s Railway – policy forum on 18 June was reported on
TSSA will retain membership of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS), a think tank rooted in the trade union movement at a cost of £5,000. TSSA has a seat on its management committee.

A £200 donation will be made to the Labour List, a pro trade union news website which has supported TSSA campaigns and counters the anti-union bias of most of the media.

Donations were made to several organisations: Units Against Fascism £50, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign £50, CHAMP (peace organisation in Northern Ireland) £50, War on Want £50, International Brigade memorial Trust £50, Young Cuban trade unionists visiting Britain £50 and Derbyshire Asbestos Support £25.

A particular Appeal was made for the Milnsbridge Socialist Club which has TSSA member involvement and £2500 was given

The difficult situation after the Labour Party selection row in Falkirk was reported. TSSA will take part in the discussions with trade unions to be led by Ray Collins, former Labour Party General Secretary.  Manuel has been publicly active on this issue with ‘Keep the Link’ and promoting the need for the collective voice to remain within the Labour Party.  The EC agreed to support Keep the Link.
The president Mick Carney will attend the Stop the War AGM on 14 September.

Progress on the selection of TSSA supported candidates parliamentary and European seats was reported.
The Government has sneaked in a new bill ‘Transparency of lobbying, non-party campaigning and trade union administration bill’ which is aimed at crippling trade union and progressive political campaigning.  TSSA will work wide a wide range of NGOs, charities trade unions and campaigning organisations to counter it.

Organising and membership   
TSSA gold, silver, bronze medals and Honorary Life membership were agreed for 9 members.

Membership continued its slow decline by 93 over the last period.  The EC will consider recruitment strategies at the September meeting

The audit committee raised some concerns about Annual Conference costs and these will be discussed in future by the EC.

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