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Executive Committee Report, August meeting

18 August 2014

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the August meeting of TSSA’s Executive Committee

Date Thursday 7th and Friday 8th August 2014

11 of 13 EC members present. One of those absent was for family reasons 


The two TSSA motions for the TUC Congress were confirmed (Rail public ownership and immigration) and the two amendments were agreed (Rail public ownership and Cost of living crisis).

The EC working parties, set up to steer the changes to TSSA structures etc are progressing:

Communications Working Party – third meeting on 12/8/14

Modernised Rule Book – first meeting on 1/8/14

Banded Subscriptions – preparatory before the first meeting is being undertaken

Industrial Relations

Bands 1-4 Network Rail managers are in the process of being balloted for industrial action over pay.

The talks after the initial LUL strike over booking office closures are ongoing.


The reviewing of budgets by the EC from now will be at every second meeting (approximately quarterly) and the first of the new formats was reviewed.  The budgeted deficit based on subscriptions only (ie not rental income or income from financial assets) is anticipated to be £640k at the end of 2014 (as opposed to over £2m in recent years).


Beyond 2014 other agreed savings, such as conference costs, should come into effect.

Donations were made:

  • IMPACT Trade Union – Helping disabled people in developing countries (£50)
  • Global Labour Institute: International Summer school (£100)
  • ITF Appeal for Gaza (£200)
  • Venezuela Solidarity (£50 for TUC fringe meeting)
  • Aslef Multicultural Festival Doncaster (£50)
  • STUC Delegation to Bhopal (£50)
  • Magen David Adom UK (£50)
  • Freedom from Torture (£50)
  • The Derby Lock Out 1833-34 (£50)
  • Ritzy Fighting Fund (£50)
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians (£200)
  • Class – Centre for Labour and Social Studies (£5000 from political fund)
  • Doncaster coach to Gaza demonstration on 9/14 (£50)

By the end of 2014 branches will have to submit financial returns online.  So far 41 branches do this and EC members will be asking others if they need any help.


Around 20 TSSA members attended the Peoples Assembly demonstration against austerity on 21/6/14.

FUTURETSSA will organise the 2015 TSSA input to the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival.

Organising and Membership

The Railways Pension Scheme draft triennial valuation was reported on and the position of TSSA negotiators for each of the sections was agreed.

Two very positive reports were heard from recently merged Divisional Councils:

North West (previously Lancashire & Cumbria and Liverpool, North Wales & Cheshire) and

Wales & Western  (previously South Wales &Western plus the Wales branches of North Wales and Cheshire)


The issue of rail ownership was a key part of the recent Labour Party policy forum and the TSSA made a strong contribution to the debate.  The outcome is a step towards ending franchising and could result in a shift over time to public ownership of the railways.  TSSA will work towards enhancing this position at the TUC and Labour Party conference in September.

The ballot for continuing the Political Fund, which is required by  a Tory law every ten years, will be in September 2014 and we will take the opportunity to use it as an organising event to improve communications and increase the number of activists.


TSSA will act to support freedom for the Palestinians: Information in TSSA publication (in one of publications to replace the Journal) emergency motion to the TUC, speaker at TSSA conference dinner.


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