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Executive Committee report, January 2014

24 January 2014

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the January meeting of TSSA’s Executive Committee.

16th January 2014 (the meeting was completed in one day)
14 of 15 EC members were present.

The reports from two EC working parties (see summary of the December EC meeting) were reviewed, minor changes made and these will shortly be combined into a discussion document to go to branches, SOGs and divisional councils for comment.  The EC will then consider the responses and put a final report to conference.   This will be subject to amendment by delegates and related Rule Alterations will then be put to conference.
The staff reorganisation is understandably proving difficult and GMB, the union representing TSSA staff, are in dispute with TSSA. However, talks remain on-going.

A report from an EC panel on organisational issues in the London Transport divisional council and some of its branches was discussed and it was agreed to look further at the structure of the divisional council and to work to improve the working relationships at all levels.

Industrial Relations
A ballot for strike action and action short of strike was authorised for the tube workers who face booking office closures.

After conference, some of the resolutions require letters to Government and other bodies.  Responses to a number of these were reviewed and one from RSSB, relating to item 32 on Transport Safety and the cuts in staffing in line with the McNulty Report, will be followed up.

In response to Con-dem Government legal changes aimed at restricting trade union use of solicitors to gain benefits for members, TSSA has become a partner with solicitors Morrish.  This has been a difficult bureaucratic process but should result in savings and long term benefits to TSSA members.
Branches are encouraged to transfer to on line submission of branch financial returns.

Donations were made to:
•    Hazards (a campaigning safety organisation)    £50
•    Tolpuddle Martyrs’ festival and rally        £200
•    Pride London                    £50
•    Action for Southern Africa            £50
•    Cuba Solidarity Campaign for the Miami Five    £50

The London Labour Party is working closely with the TSSA on a campaign against the proposed closure to all the London Underground booking offices.  The Labour Party has committed to distribute 400,000 leaflets and is publicising the duplicity of Boris Johnston the mayor.  He said previously that he would keep all the booking offices open and he has stage-managed a media focus on the 24 hour opening, which may never happen, as a distraction from booking office closures.


In response to a letter from a branch the EC agreed to urge TSSA members to write to their MPs asking them to sign the private members bill by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas on the bringing of the railways back into public ownership.  TSSA will work with politicians who support this policy and will ask TSSA supported MPs to do the same if they have not already done so.

TSSA Democracy
Annual Conference will take place in Leeds from Saturday 1oth May to Monday 13th.

The General Secretary signed the book of condolence for Nelson Mandela in the South African embassy.  Manuel reported that it was a very moving experience in solemn surroundings.

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