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Executive Committee report, June 2014

10 June 2014

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the June meeting of TSSA’s Executive Committee Date Thursday and Friday 5/6 June 2014.

14 of 15 EC members present. One resigned in April and the election has not been run due the proposed changes to Divisional Councils at Annual Conference. The EC meeting was from 1300hrs Thursday to 1300 Friday to reduce the Wednesday night accommodation needed by some.

A summary of the May EC meetings around conference was not produced as the conference is given significant coverage by other means.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan agreed at conference will bring significant changes to our democratic processes. One area of change, still to be approved by branches, will give the Divisional Councils a new and important role in selecting the motions, amendments and delegates submitted by their branches. The introduction of these changes will be subject to wide consultation between now and November and a questionnaire to gain branch views was sent soon after the June EC meeting. If the changes to the Divisional Councils are approved they should all have meetings in early December to select motions and delegates for Annual Conference in May 2015.

In order to progress the many issues agreed at conference three EC Working Parties have been set up:

Communications Working Party (Treasurer as Chair) – to consult on and develop a comprehensive communications strategy, to be implemented to a rolling programme

New Rule Book Working Party (President as Chair) – to consult on and develop a new ‘enabling’ rather than ‘restrictive’ Rule Book to be submitted to 2015 Conference

Banded Subscriptions Working Party (Treasurer as Chair) – to consult on and submit details to 2015 Conference

Good progress is being made with the GMB on the staff reorganisation.

Our union has now joined the General Federation of Trade Unions. This is a grouping of smaller UK unions and being a member allows our members to make use of its facilities and resources. This should lead to significant savings in some areas.

Our union is in talks on cooperation with the smaller (under 3,000 members) Irish National Bus and Railway Union


A circular listing all the resolutions carried at conference and the actions to be taken will be sent to branches soon.

Annual Conference in 2015 (May 16-18) and 2016 (May 14-16) will be at the Unite Business Centre and Hotel in Eastbourne as we have been offered a very competitive two year deal. This trade union venue, with trade union organised staff, will be significantly cheaper than the conference hotels of the last three years in Leeds, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Three of the four new combined Divisional Councils will have their inaugural meetings on 28th June:

  • North East (8 branches) in York
  • North West (6 branches) in Manchester
  • Wales and Western (9 branches) in Bristol The combined London South (12 branches) met in March.

Industrial Relations

Talks with LUL to review proposed staffing levels at all Tube stations have been extended by a further 6 weeks. In a separate dispute, TfL office staff have voted overwhelmingly for strike action and their second strike day will be on Friday 13 June.

The EC authorised a ballot of our London Midland members who are facing the threat of 150 jobs cuts. If action is taken, it where possible, be coordinated with RMT.


The EC Audit Committee raised areas of concern with the EC and these will be addressed by the General Secretary and the senior management team.

A Political Fund donation of £250 was made to TSSA member Stephen Pickup to assist with his re-election as a Labour councillor in Bolton.

A political fund donation of £2,000 will be made to Cara Hilton, the Labour candidate in the recent Dumfermline by-election for the Scottish Parliament.

37 of the 87 TSSA branches now submit electronic branch financial returns and all the others should move to doing so before period 1 in 2016.

Organising and Membership

As a result of a conference decision ‘Recruitment’ will be a standing item on the EC agenda from now, as it should be for Divisional Council and other TSSA meetings.

Membership, for the first time in several years, has crept up slightly by 11 members in the last period.


Our General Secretary is having meetings with the Labour Party at a senior level to discuss policies for the manifesto for the 2015 General Election.

The ten-yearly ballot on the retention of the Political Fund will take place in September 2014.

The President and Colin Brazier (if available) will represent the TSSA at the CND AGM, held over a weekend in London in October.

Islington North CLP sent a letter of support to the Tube ticket office staff and they will be thanked for this. Reports were received from:

  • 2014 TUC Black Workers Conference
  • Bolton West Constituency Labour Party (TSSA has CLP Plan)
  • Cunninghame North Constituency Labour Party (TSSA has CLP Plan)

TSSA will submit 6 amendments to the Labour Party National Policy Forum, on :

  • Returning rail franchises to public ownership
  • Disabled access to public transport
  • Repeal of the lobbying act
  • Minimum wage and living wage
  • State retirement age
  • Palestine


The General Secretary of the Zimbabwean Railway Workers Union will be invited to speak at next year's Conference. They will be the only guest speaker at next year's conference.

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