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Executive Committee report, June 2015

16 June 2015

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee held on 8th and 9th June 2015.

Two EC members were not present due to issues with gaining release. It was also confirmed that, owing to ill health, Mitch Tovey had resigned from the Executive Committee.


Following the announcement of our new ‘Time to GROW’ strategy at Annual Conference in May, which will increase our membership through collective and individual organising and education, the Executive Committee noted a report on our education vision, which includes continuous professional development, nurturing existing rail and travel expertise and trade union education for reps.

Industrial Relations

The Executive Committee was given a report by the General Secretary on the dispute over pay in Network Rail. Talks at ACAS had yielded an improved offer, which would be put to members in a referendum with a recommendation to accept it.

The Executive Committee endorsed the actions taken so far in the current dispute regarding Night Tube, pay and station staff on London Underground Ltd and authorised the General Secretary to ballot members for industrial action and to take industrial action if required.

The Executive Committee also endorsed the actions taken so far in the current dispute involving pensions and the threat of privatisation on CalMac and authorised the General Secretary to ballot members for industrial action and to take industrial action if required.

TSSA Democracy

The Executive Committee was given a report on those motions passed at Annual Conference and the actions to be taken by the EC in response to those motions. The EC also discussed those issues that arose from the operation of Conference, including the size of the Conference venue and access for disabled delegates.

Reports were received and noted on:

•    TSSA Scotland Divisional Council meeting which took place 18th April
•    TUC Black Workers’ Conference which took place on 17th to 19th April
•    SERTUC Regional Board AGM which took place on 25th April
•    TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference which took place on 21st and 22nd May

The Executive Committee agreed to the proposed key points in TSSA’s Equality Agenda, which includes specific priorities for women, black and ethnic minorities, young workers, LGBT, disabled workers, older workers and retired members. Additionally, it was agreed by the EC that Kyle Williamson would be put forward for a young worker’s seat on the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions.

It was agreed by the Executive Committee that, following Mitch Tovey’s resignation owing to ill health, there would be an election for the casual vacancy in the seat for the London North West division. The term of the casual vacancy would be until 30th June 2016.

Organising and Membership

In response to passed items 59 and 60 (TSSA Organisation) at Annual Conference, the Executive Committee is instructing each branch to provide copies of minutes, notices, agenda and details of affiliations by 19th July 2015 in order to assist in forming a picture of branch activity across the union.

Following a written request from Anglia No.1 branch for the branch to be merged with Anglia No.2, the Executive Committee agreed to a merger in principle, but would take no further action on this merger until the EC had the opportunity to consider branch activity across the whole union.

The Executive Committee noted a business plan for 2015 from Disability Working Group and  agreed that First Capital Connect branch (533) rename to GTR Branch (533).


The Executive Committee was given the Annual Report on the TSSA Staff Pension Scheme for 2014.

The Executive Committee also noted the report given from the Investments Committee, which included minutes of the Committee’s last meeting on 3rd March and correspondence from our auditors, Sayer Vincent. The EC also noted a report from the Audit Committee.

The EC was also given an update from Morrish Solicitors on referred matters where costs may exceed £5,000.

The Executive Committee agreed to make the following donations:

•    £50 to STUC appeal for Solidarity Funding
•    £300 donated to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign for their conference on 4th July.
•    £50 donated to TUC LGBT Conference - funding for reception


The Executive Committee agreed to nominate Sadiq Khan for the London Mayoral Candidacy. This followed a session on the morning of Tuesday 9th June, where each of the Labour Party London Mayoral Candidates gave a 10 minute statement to the EC, followed by questions from members.


The Executive Committee considered a report from Keneth Nemachena, General Secretary of Zimbabwean Amalgamated Rail Workers’ Union (ZARWU). Kenneth was a guest speaker at our Annual Conference in Eastbourne and was asked to submit a report detailing the problems which ZARWU was facing in order to allow TSSA to lobby MPs for assistance.

Keneth’s report included details $305,000 (USD) in withheld union subscriptions (held by the railway company) and non-payment of employees’ salaries. The EC agreed to send a letter to Keneth thanking him for his attendance at Conference and accepting his invitation for the President and General Secretary to attend ZARWU’s Centenary Congress in 2016, as well as assuring him and ZARWU that TSSA would make representations to MPs on their behalf.

This is a brief summary. For further details, please contact your Executive Committee member.

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