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Executive Committee report, October 2014

28 October 2014

Summary of the key issues and decisions made at the meeting of TSSA’s Executive Committee on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th October 2014.

EC is now reduced to 10 Divisional Council representatives plus Treasurer and President. One EC was not present due to sickness and two were missing for one of the two days (other TSSA commitment and travel problems).


Talks on cooperation continue with the Irish transport union NBRU. There are expectations that the Irish economy could grow by as much as 6% over the year ahead.

TSSA has agreed a memorandum of understanding with the Institution of Railway Operators.

Industrial Relations

In Volker Rail, the overwhelming vote for strike action resulted in the company making an improved offer.
After the threat of industrial action talks are still continuing with LUL on proposals to cut over 800 jobs.
The Network Rail band 1-4 work to rule is due to end shortly.  One difficulty with a work to rule is that some members have to make much larger sacrifices than others. We will now focus our efforts on campaigning for a decent pay rise next year and winning a strike ballot should it become necessary.
TSSA has made significant gains in the Network Rail pay and grading structure as a result of taking a class legal action on equal pay.


The third quarter management accounts showed a much improved position with the 2013 £2.5m deficit significantly reduced by, what is anticipated to be, over £2m.
Branch financial returns are due to become internet only in early 2015 and it is urgent that help is given to those that will find this difficult. EC members have offered to assist and if branches have problems they should contact their EC member or the head office or their Divisional Council secretary.

The working party that is developing the proposed banding levels and subs for the banded subs to go to conference in 2015 is progressing and a survey of salaries is taking place.

£50 donations were made to:

  • Unite members in a construction dispute in Ireland
  • Abortion Support Network
  • The Greater Chernobyl Cause
  • People's History Museum
  • Banner Theatre 40th Anniversary
  • Latin America Conference
  • War on Want
  • Morning Star: TUC Britain needs a pay rise march
  • Rod Todd 500 Campaign
  • Stand up to UKIP demonstration
  • And £25 to a charity activity by an ASLEF member

The decline in membership as a result of the June 2014 increase in subs has been less than was anticipated and TSSA's overall financial position has significantly improved on last year.

Organising and Membership

The EC proposals on enhancing the role of Divisional Councils to act as the body that submits branch motions and amendments and selects the delegates for conference were very narrowly rejected in the recent branch vote. It is acknowledged that much of the opposition to this related to the hasty timescale and the lack of detail about how it would work. The EC will aim to make this change over two years and bring it to 2015 conference with much more detail added. In the meantime the EC will be seeking further views from branches, whether for or against the initial proposal. 

In Ireland the Irish Committee has agreed to rule changes being submitted to the 2015 Annual Conference.  It is proposed that the Irish Committee and the Divisional Council merge and this new body selects the motions, delegates and amendments and that workplace reps be entitled to vote at the meetings. The EC agreed to the above going to Conference.

The working party put a draft new rule book to the EC and this will be sent to branches and SOGs for their views.


The TSSA had gained an excellent result in the ballot on the political fund.  On a 25% turnout 89% had voted to retain this fund which allows the union to campaign politically, eg on trade union legislation.  We took the opportunity to engage with our members beyond the mere voting and gained a very positive response.  There was a 70% satisfaction level which is high for any organisation. Much outdated contact data was corrected and 200 members said they wanted to get more involved in the TSSA.


At the recent TUC the TSSA President had spoken in the debate on the labour conditions in Quatar during construction for the World Cup 2022.  He spoke of the oppressive conditions for air crew which had been reported to the International Transport Workers Congress in Sofia in August.

The above is a brief summary.  If you want more details please ask your EC member.

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