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Executive Committee report, September 2013

14 October 2013

Report of the summary of the key issues and decisions made at the September meeting of TSSA's Executive Committee.

Date of Executive Committee meeting: 19th September 2013

Number of EC members present: 14 (one for part of meeting), from possible total of: 15


Strategic Partnerships – Transfer of engagements to Unite the union

The talks on this transfer of engagements have been called off and the EC, after a long discussion, agreed that the General Secretary communicate to members that talks with Unite would not be proceeding any further at this stage. TSSA will continue to explore ways by which joint working and cooperation can deliver a better deal for our respective members and also to look at what opportunities might exist which enable pooling and sharing of resources.

Your Executive Committee will now focus in ensuring that our union continues to operate in an effective and efficient manner and improve the effectiveness of its organisation, whilst recognising, that in the medium-term, merger still provides the best deal for you and your union. Your EC has agreed to undertake a wide ranging review of everything that we do as a union to ensure that we continue to function in a way that safeguards your future.

Industrial Relations

TSSA members so far made redundant under statutory minimum conditions at Railcare Wolverton and Springburn will be given six months free membership. The TSSA is pressing for a positive resolution for staff to the takeover by Knorr Bremse.

The EC authorised a ballot for a work to rule by Northern Rail Depot Shift Managers. Such action is expected to have a significant impact on the company’s train services.


Trades Union Congress

The TSSA’s input to the TUC was significant with the five delegates all speaking and the two motions and two amendments on the agenda being carried, covering:

· Alternative economic strategy – to the economics of austerity

· Rail privatisation – for a publicly owned and accountable rail industry

· Fair pay (amendment noting the shift in national income from wages to profits),

· Fire and rescue services (amendment condemning the cuts being forced by the Mayor of London)

· Plus an emergency motion opposing the threatened job losses on London Underground.

An emergency motion critical of UKIP was not accepted for debate.

The TSSA General Secretary was elected onto the General Council, topping the group of unions of less than 30,000 members.


Members are encouraged to attend the TUC supported demonstration outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester on Sunday 29th September. The main theme of the protest is to stop the growing transfer of the NHS to private companies. There will be transport from all parts of the country – see the TUC website.

Also at the Tory Party conference on the first of October there will be a protest by rail unions, along with the TUC and community organisations. There will be a static demo on the first October outside the Tory party conference. Protest against the fair hikes the re privatisation of East Coast and supporting the call to bring the railways back into public ownership.

The TSSA has been campaigning jointly with NGOs, charities trade unions and other campaigning organisations against the Transparency of lobbying, non-party campaigning and trade union administration bill. This bill attacks trade unions in particular and does next to nothing to control lobbying by big business, the issue that led to bill in the first place.

The EC agreed to join the broad based Green Light Campaign led by ShareAction that seeks to transform pension funds into climate conscious investors.


A reply will be sent to a branch letter that raised concerns over Unite’s involvement in Falkirk Labour Party. The reply will explain that an investigation found that ‘no organisation or individual has been found to have breached the rules’

Manuel Cortes since spoke at a ‘Keep the Link’ (with the Labour Party) at a TUC fringe meeting.

Organising and membership

The EC agreed proposals for rationalising branches across all Divisional Councils. These will be confirmed at the October EC meeting, subject to responses from Divisional Councils.

Membership has levelled after a period of slow reduction.


Donations were made to several organisations: STUC Glasgow City Council – International workers’ memorial appeal £50, Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign £25, Westbourne: All-party group for high speed rail £50, Britain at work London project £25

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