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Executive Committee Report - September 2019

9 September 2019

The Executive Committee welcomed John Haynes, who had been elected as the EC member for Wales and Western. ...

Political and Campaigns

The Executive Committee was addressed by John Henry QC, Chair of Institute of Employment Rights, on the work carried out by the Institute building on the 2016 publication of A Manifesto for Labour Law with a second edition, which is available to order from the Institute’s website. The report is hoped to form part of Labour’s industrial relations strategy on election and includes:

• The reinstatement of the Ministry of Labour
• The introduction of a Labour Inspectorate, with the power to enter premises and inspect books and records to endure that they were complying with minimum employment standards
• Roll-out of sectoral collective bargaining
• Liberalisation of industrial balloting and the repeal of anti-trade union laws

The Executive also was addressed by Rob Miller, Director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, who spoke in detail on the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the subsequent United States blockade on Cu-ba that has endured ever since. Rob also spoke on the implications of the blockade on businesses outside of the USA, including in the UK, where the Co-operative Bank closed down banking facilities for the CSC and the Open University, which was investigated in 2017 for having a long-standing ban on Cuban students.

The Executive Committee agreed that Harriet Miller, as well as those members that have already attended Cuba’s May Day celebrations in the past, would join Gary Kilroy (North West) and John Haynes (Wales and West) at the Unions for Cuba Conference on 2nd November.

The Executive Committee received and reviewed a report from Campaign for Better Transport, set-ting out their strategic plan for the next five years. Key strategic objectives included making transport in urban areas more seamless, integrated, affordable and sustainable, ensuring that rural communi-ties have access to sustainable transport, to reform the financial structures and incentives to grow sustainable transport and to harness the benefits of technology to make transport more sustainable. You can read the strategic plan here.

The EC also received a detailed and thorough report from Andi Fox, Vice-chair of the Labour Party NEC, on her work over the last few months, including the special meeting to agree the European Manifesto, and Disputes Panels.

A motion was passed by TfL Central branch calling on the Executive Committee to ask members and branches to hold meetings to discuss how the union can support the call for a Global Climate Strike and support in any way that they can on 20th September. It was agreed that, if possible members should use their break time to show support.

Membership and Time to Grow

Membership of the union increased again in period 8 by 39 members, meaning that we are at a higher membership level than we were at the beginning of the year. Further dates for recruitment courses for reps were being scheduled and will be advertised soon.

Financial and Notable Donations

The Executive Committee was given full reports from both the Chair of the Audit Committee and In-vestment Committee. The Chart of the Audit Committee that invitations to tender for auditor had been sent out. A report was also given to the Executive Committee on the valuation of the TSSA Staff Pension Fund.

The Executive Committee agreed to the following donations and affiliation fees:

• £250 to People’s History Museum
• £50 to Stay Grounded, with Marios Alexandrou (London Transport EC member) made point of contact
• £50 to Brazil Solidarity Initiative
• €50 to Sport Against Racism in Ireland

Other business

The Committee received a full report from Melissa Heywood (Midlands EC member) on her attend-ance at the Hazards Conference.

The Committee also received two reports from Steve Whitehead on National Pensioners’ Conven-tion meetings.

Malcolm Wallace submitted a full report on his attendance at planning meetings for the Railway Workers’ Centenary Service held on 23rd July and 30th August.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on 23rd and 24th October

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