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Extending Transport for London control over rail

16 October 2015

TSSA has welcomed the report from the London Assembly calling for suburban rail services in and around London to be under the control of Transport for London.

General Secretary Manuel Cortes, said: “To be blunt the report states the blindingly obvious. TfL already controls London Buses, London Underground and London Overground amongst others, it makes no sense for other rail services to be outside of their control and the recommendations in the report would ultimately deliver better coordinated public transport into and across London to the benefit of all.

“It is not surprising that rail devolution in London is so widely popular with over 68% of respondents to a recent survey in favour. However, as things stand the law currently prevents TfL from running trains directly like they do with the Underground - they must be contracted to privateers and the profits which are pouring into shareholders pockets rather than being reinvested in improving services, reducing overcrowding and cutting fares, will ensure that these changes will not happen without a massive fight from the privateers.”

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