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Fair Pay and Respect at Network Rail

12 July 2011

Following Network Rail's continued refusal to negotiate a fair pay deal and to commit to respecting managers' basic employment rights, the TSSA is left with no option but to initiate a ballot for industrial action.

Demanding Fair Pay and Respect

Following Network Rail’s continued refusal to negotiate a fair pay deal and to commit to respecting managers’ basic employment rights, the TSSA is left with no option but to initiate a ballot for industrial action. Network Rail must understand that Bands 1 – 4 have had enough of substandard pay awards, a discredited performance related pay system and their basic employment rights being treated as ‘optional extras’ by Network Rail.

Balloting for industrial action

After years of being treated unfairly by Network Rail, Bands 1 – 4 managers are now being given the opportunity to decide whether they are content to be treated as second class citizens. We will be balloting for fair pay and, equally importantly, for Network Rail to commit to respecting basic employment rights. To date, Network Rail has failed to commit to eradicate unlawful employment practices.

The issues of dispute were summarised in a letter to Peter Bennett yesterday; you can view this at

A totally unfair and discredited pay structure

As part of our 2011 pay claim, the TSSA sought a commitment from Network Rail to develop a fair and transparent pay structure. We were aware of the distortions produced by the discredited Performance Related Pay system, and were alarmed by the evidence of an unlawful gender pay gap (our survey indicates that in bands 3 and 4 women receive on average £4,500 less than their male colleagues). We asked Network Rail to publish the rates of pay managers actually received in the most common roles in Network Rail. However, Network Rail refused to even discuss it.

In response, we have launched our own pay survey and asked our members (anonymously) to tell us what they are being paid for the jobs they do. We need every member to complete this survey, as it provides factual evidence that the current pay structure lacks objectivity, fairness or transparency. Once we have collated the data, we will publish the rates people get paid.

If you have not completed our 2011 pay survey (our most recent) can we please ask you to do so: and ask your colleagues to do the same.

Half the pay for doing the same job!

This latest survey has only just opened, so these are early results, but it appears that in many jobs there is a huge discrepancy between the pay rates of different people performing the same role. In one job the difference was over 100%. In other words you could be sat next to a colleague, DOING THE SAME JOB, but be paid less than half the salary they receive. You can help us win fair pay by completing our survey, and encouraging your colleagues to do the same.

The worst offenders

Listed below are the ten jobs which, to date, show the greatest difference between the lowest paid and highest paid rate for the same job (as the % difference between the lowest rate and the highest). You can help us tackle this unfairness by completing our on-line, anonymous, survey.

Job title Difference

Scheme Project Manager 104%

Contracts Manager 59%

Work Plan Co-ordinator 58%

Senior Project Engineer 58%

Operations Delivery Manager 55%

Project Manager Band 49%

Track Maintenance Engineer 45%

Senior Maintenance Support Engineer 43%

Planning Specialist 43%

Project Planner 41%

Whatever your role, please complete our on-line survey, and then encourage your colleagues to do the same.

How you can help

As we move towards a ballot for industrial action, we need our members to help us in one specific way. Please forward this circular to just five of your colleagues who are not TSSA members and tell them that every time a manager joins the TSSA it increases our chances of winning fair pay and respect.

If you are not a member, why not join now. Together we can win fair pay and respect for Network Rail managers.

Visit: Or call 020 7529 8018

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