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Fall In Public Trust Must Signal End Of Frankenstein Rail Privatisation

6 June 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has responded to findings by Transport Focus showing public trust has fallen in nearly all rail operators, linked to passenger dissatisfaction over punctuality and reliability.

The independent watchdog, analysed passengers' opinions between spring 2017 and autumn 2018. As a result the Department for Transport said it was now conducting a review which would address concerns raised by passengers.

Manuel Cortes said: “Passengers have given private train operators an overwhelming vote of no-confidence with these findings.

“Sadly as Chris Grayling is all about failure, he probably thinks that rail users have never had it so good.

“The man masquerading as Transport Secretary seems to live in a parallel universe whilst the rest of us have to live with the reality of his incompetence.

“Grayling should be sent packing along with the terrible Tories and their Frankenstein privatisation experiment. They have created a monster.”

The only rail firm that saw trust improve was Southern. However, it remains the lowest-ranked operator, analysis from Transport Focus suggest


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