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Fare rises shock even right-wing Tories

3 September 2012

Above inflation rise draws widespread condemnation

Fares demo

The August announcement of the New Year rise in rail fares – set at 6.2 per cent – has drawn condemnation from across the political spectrum. TSSA, working with fellow unions, the Campaign for Better Transport and Climate Rush held a successful protest at Waterloo station, whilst normally-loyal Tory MPs queued up to condemn the ‘tax on commuters’.

The rise of 3 per cent above inflation will see some fares go up by as much as 11 per cent, bringing the railways closer to becoming the ‘rich man’s toy’ that TSSA has consistently warned of.

The protest, co-ordinated with the TUC’s Action for Rail campaign saw the message ‘Cut Rail Fares not Rail Staff’ carried across the media, with the Times and Telegraph both carrying commentary calling for a return to public ownership.

General secretary Manuel Cortes said: ‘It is complete nonsense to say fares have to rise above inflation every year to pay for new rail projects. Air travellers don’t pay higher taxes to get new runways built, and motorists certainly don’t pay more for new roads. This is all about squeezing a captive audience, the commuter, until the pips squeak. It is little more than daylight robbery.

Fares placard

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