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Rail Fares Jump By Over 20% Due To Clegg's Cowardice

13 July 2011

Rail fares will start to soar by over 20% from January because Nick Clegg has betrayed passengers, a rail union leader warned today.

Fares will jump by 8% on January 1, with similar rises in 2013 and 2014, because the Lib Dem leader has abandoned a pre-election pledge to cut fares, said Gerry Doherty, leader of the TSSA.

"Rail passengers will face fare rises of well over 20% by 2014 just because they have been betrayed by the Deputy Prime Minister.

"Before the election, he promised to actually cut fares. Now we will see the biggest rises in a generation because he buckled in the face of Tory pressure.

"He showed some back bone this week in standing up to Rupert Murdoch in the phone hacking scandal. Perhaps he can now do the same for rail passengers.

"It is not too late to cancel these increases which are grossly unfair to millions of working people who are facing pay freezes and, in some cases, pay cuts."

Under Coalition plans, rail fares will rise by RPI plus 3% every January for the next three years. This January's increase will be based on the July RPI being published next month.

That figure is expected to be the same as this week's latest RPI, 5%.

"The Government has the next month to come to a sensible decision and stop penalising passengers who are already paying the highest fares in Europe," added the union leader.

"If they don't, commuters in the South East will have to find hundreds of pounds to meet the extra cost of buying a season ticket in the New Year."

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