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Fares protest campaign Glasgow Central Monday 7th Jan

4 January 2019

TSSA union will mark Scottish commutersÂ’ first Monday back in work this year by campaigning at Glasgow Central for Abellio to be stripped of the ScotRail contract.

 TSSA Press Release & Op Note 4/01/2019

Embargo 22:00 hours 06.01.19
Operational Note for Monday, January 7, 2019.

TSSA volunteers plus other campaigners will be at Glasgow Central from 7:45am to 9:15am on Monday 7th January.

Our union is at the forefront of a popular campaign to press the Scottish Government to bring ScotRail back into public ownership after months of rail misery, with passengers suffering franchise contract-busting levels of poor service.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said, “Passengers are rightly angry at the way ScotRail has let them down. 2019 started with yet more late and cancelled trains and overcrowding is at an all-time high. The only thing Abellio excels at is letting down their customers!

“Blame belongs with Abellio and their team of senior managers. Poor planning, deliberate understaffing of the railway and trying to do things on the cheap are not the fault of our members who do their best in tough circumstances.

"But ScotRail also fails because of the systemic problems visited on it by the now beyond broken experiment with privatisation of our rail companies and rolling stock. ScotRail’s performance is the worst since privatisation began in Britain. It is worse even than the abysmal delays now causing fury amongst passengers South of the border where even the Tory government are now being forced to take failing rail companies back into public ownership.

“It is a travesty for Scotland's rail passenger and economy that Transport Minister Matheson is not as enlightened as even the Tory Minister of Transport Incompetence Chris Grayling. It is a national disaster that he has reneged on his predecessor Humza Yousaf's willingness to break the Abellio franchise this March.

"When there could have been light at the end of the tunnel after months of misery Matheson has done no more than ask Abellio for yet another plan which will take 2 months to arrive before anything gets done! Scottish passengers deserve better than that.

“Under public ownership not only could ticket prices come down but investment in rolling stock and staff would go up. A publicly owned ScotRail would reinvest the profits back into running the railway.

"TSSA volunteers at Glasgow Central will ask customers to sign a petition calling on the Scottish Government to end Abellio’s contract using a QR code printed on the leaflet.”

- Ends Press Release
Op Note to Desks:

Campaigners will be at Glasgow Central from 07:45

TSSA Scotland spokesperson, Liz Warren Corney will be available for interview.
TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes is available for interview by telephone on Friday 4th January
Contact Liz Warren-Corney on 07341 737 817

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