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Fares review? A slap across the face for passengers

9 October 2013

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union has commented on the Government's rail fares review, which will limit rises in regulated fares to 6.1% in January,

"This late running fares review is a slap across the face for millions of passengers who have seen their fares go through the roof under our privately run railway.

"Despite seeing walk on fares rise by over 200% since privatisation, there is no action whatsoever to actually end inflation plus fare increases.

"All Patrick Mcloughlin is offering is to limit them to twice the rate of inflation rather than three times the rate of inflation which have left us with the highest fares in Europe.

"He is merely offering to hold passengers coats while they keep getting mugged every year by the the same set of spivs- the private rail firms."

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