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FGW: 2012 Pay

4 April 2012

Further to last years pay circulars I am writing to you to provide you with the details of this years pay award.

Agreed Pay Deal

The pay deal, which was accepted by 98% of those FGW members who voted was a 2 year deal for all those staff not already covered by a pay award for 2011 or 2012, effective from the relevant grade anniversary dates:

  • 2011 = 5.5% (equal to February’s Retail Prices index or RPI)
  • 2012 = 3% or RPI, whichever is greater (RPI based on February 2012’s figure)

What will I receive for 2012?

TSSA has written to the company requesting confirmation that February’s RPI figure, which was 3.7%, will be used to increase your pay for 2012.

The company has confirmed that this is the case and that pay will be increased by 3.7% for 2012 as per the agreed pay deal. They have also advised that this will increase all of the usual follow-throughs such as London Weighting Allowance by 3.7% where applicable.

Benefits of being in a Union

In a time when the average pay increase in the UK is around 2.5% and there are still some facing freezes or even cuts to pay this demonstrates the worth of and need to maintain a strong trade union presence to ensure that wages increase fairly in the future.

In the run up to the end of the Franchise it is even more important to encourage, as many staff to become members of a union and fill reps vacancies to ensure that your interests are taken into account, whoever takes over the franchise in 2013. If you are aware of colleagues who are not a member of a trade union then please encourage them to join at:

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